Banana Island is comprised of a chain of three islands - Dublin, Ricketts and Mes-Meheux. The latter is uninhabited and the guesthouse is in Dublin.

The Banana Island Guest House is operated by indigenous Sierra Leonean investors who provided funds for the project expansions, and manage the guest house as major investors. The Guest House is mostly staffed by the inhabitants of the Island. The Fund for African Relief and Education (FARE), a charity organization, provided start-up capital, and provided training for hotel, restaurant and financial management. The Chalets are environmentally friendly, built with local materials and use traditional designs. Our goal is to provide an exclusive, high quality authentic experience for visitors in an environmentally-friendly manner.

We have three chalets, each with two rooms, containing tiled private baths with running water. Solar light and lanterns provide light in the evenings.

We believe that the BIGH can serve as an example of how fully participatory, job creating, ecologically sensitive, sustainable rural growth can be achieved through partnerships between local communities and interested parties abroad.
Banana and Ricketts Islands have a combined population of about 900 people. The two Islands are connected by a spit of sand that is underwater at high tide. A stone bridge connects the path between the two islands' villages of Dublin and Ricketts, located on the coast facing the Western Peninsula.

The islands were visited in the 17th century and perhaps earlier by Portuguese sailors and were settled in the late 18th and 19th centuries by freed slaves whose descendants make up most of the population of the islands today.